Saturday, February 27, 2010


photo by J.Crew (Spring 09)

olivia palermo

With her doe eyes and expertise at mixing and matching, she can do no wrong.
courtesy of waynetippetts


Brilliant book jacket + bookmark combos! I want all of these! What a great gift, I love Sherlock's pipe.

come hither

I love lingerie, especially these sexy little somethings from Natalia Vodianova for Etam Spring 2010. They're so fetching and always make you feel good about yourself.


How wonderful is this sprawling living room? Exposed brick, open airy windows with a ledge to perch pretty things on, and the gorgeous flooring. I think I'd be quite serene in this room. What a perfect haven for reading or drawing.

courtesy of apt34

simple & sweet

I can't get enough of these simple and sweet rings. This emerald number is on the top of my list.

I adore this heart ring too. They're so dainty!

hermes blanket

Bundle me up in one of these!

courtesy of ddd, thomassmythe, Kelly Wearstler

tea submarine

We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine. We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine. I love this funny submarine tea infuser. Genius!

Friday, February 26, 2010

looking good

black fur

courtesy of thesartorialist, waynetippets

backyard wedding

Backyard receptions always look so quaint and lovely, definitely intimate for everyone involved. At this wedding, Kelly and Steve tied the knot in their neighbor's garden, I love the sparkly fairy lights!
Wedding photos by Sarah Yates and event design by La Partie
This J. Crew wedding dress, with its flower trim, would be perfect for such an occasion! I love its simplistic beauty, and the attention to detail including the variation of width on the straps. So delicate.

pie pops

I have a near obsession for all things miniature, as I'm sure I've raved about before, particularly food. These homemade pie pops are so darling! I love how each flavor--apple, pumpkin, banana and blackberry--has its own little icon. What a fun idea for a party or gift!


I have a severe aversion to doing laundry (I've gone so far as to buy new undies, sad I know.) but I'm beginning to think laundry may be fun... Well, if I had this laundry sink and laundry carts from Restoration Hardware it would be!

good times never seemed so good

Ba ba ba! I love this photograph of this couple. And it makes the song "Sweet Caroline" pop into my head for some reason.
photo by Julia Brokaw

shoes, a girl's best friend

A fabulous pair of shoes never fail to make you feel good. They're like an instant fix it for those days when you're feeling not so hot. These shoe closets make me drool, I love when things are lined up all pretty for the eye to see!

courtesy of taylorjacobson, atlantishome, seaofshoes

whoopie doo!

The NYTimes says whoopie pies are the new cupcake. Can it be? I want to try these carrot cake ones!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

more than love

blast from the past

A clever series by Jason Powell. I would love to do this myself, and juxtapose pictures and friends and family over the years in familiar places. Hopefully I will get my SLR camera in the near future so I can!

a fabulous fireplace

This fireplace and living room is achingly glamorous. How would you decorate your mantle?
Photo by Patrick Cline via Lonny magazine

i do

This blushing bride wore a traditional lace veil over her face during the cermeony. When it came time to kiss the bride, the groom lifted it to give her a kiss. How charming and old-fashioned!

garden of eden

British artist Pete Dungey plants little gardens in potholes on English roads. "If we planted one of these in every hole," he says, "it would be a like forest in the road." I fully believe in doing your part to make the world just a bit more beautiful, and I love this idea.

magentic magenta

Do you dare? I think picking a bold accent piece, like these hot pink chairs, changes the entire feel of a home. Color is energy and I'm convinced bright ones make you a happier person.
courtesy of ddd, housebeautiful